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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Support Operation Blazing Sword via Amazon

This has been a busy week for OBS, and I hope it's a harbinger of good things to come.

In fact, I'm about to disappear for the rest of the week to attend a MAG40 class -- not only for my own education, but also to determine if it will be suitable for LGBTQ students. (I'm certain it will, but I can't say with authority if I haven't given it a try, now can I?)

But before I go, I wanted to let you know about the most recent development with OBS:  we are now registered with Amazon Smile, meaning that you can support our organization just by purchasing things online.

$10K for 2A

What is 10K for 2A? If you're a regular listener of the GunBlog VarietyCast, you should already know. If you aren't, well, just listen to this clip:

For those readers who don't have the patience to listen to a video, the idea is that Sean wants to attend the Gun Rights Policy Conference 2017 in Dallas, TX but can't afford the cost of the trip. So much like we did last year, where we promised that if folks donated money for the hotel room, plane ticket for Sean and gas money for me that Sean would wear a purple pony shirt for the entirety of the conference, we're doing the same thing -- but on a much larger scale.

By "much larger scale", we mean that if we can raise $10,000 plus trip expenses, then in exchange for attending:
  1. Sean will dress as "the love child of Pinkie Pie and the Joker", to use his own words;
  2. That $10K will be donated evenly among pro-gun rights organizations. 
So that covers what's in the video. Here are the new and newsworthy developments:

My way to GPRC 2017 is already paid 
Now that I'm Diversity Outreach Coordinator for Florida Carry, they have said they will pay for my flight and hotel room. This means that the expenses have already been reduced.

Your 10K for 2A donation is tax-deductible
Operation Blazing Sword will be accepting the donations, and everything after expenses will be donated to various state and nationwide gun-rights organizations. Because OBS is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible charity founded to advance gun education and gun rights, it's perfectly legal to donate to us with the understanding that we can donate to other pro-gun right charities and/or nonprofits so long as they aren't PACs or lobby groups. Clearly, OBS is going to keep some of the donations, because it's a pro-gun rights charity, but it won't keep all of it.

Obligatory legal statement: "Funds raised in excess of expenses needed to get Sean Sorrentino to Gun Rights Policy Conference 2017 will be utilized by Operation Blazing Sword to further firearm education and firearm rights, which may include specific national or state-level firearms civil rights organizations, but until we have definitive understandings with those organizations our lawyer advises us to state that Operation Blazing Sword will distribute the funds to one or more reputable and charitable firearms civil-rights organizations as determined by the Operation Blazing Sword Board of Directors.”

Donations can be sent here
  • If you wish to donate online, use our PayPal link:
  • If you wish to send a check, please mail it to
    Operation Blazing Sword, Inc
    800 Belle Terre Parkway 200-302
    Palm Coast, FL 32164
Designate your donations "for 10K for 2A
If you don't, we'll just assume this was a standard donation to Operation Blazing Sword, which will help us but won't count toward Sean's total. 

If you donate to 10K for 2A, you consent to us sending your donation elsewhere
I'm sure this is a big "duh" to everyone who has been reading, but I need to state it explicitly for legal purposes.

If we don't meet our $10K goal
Sean doesn't get to attend GRPC 2017, and whatever has been donated under the 10K for 2A banner will be divided up (some will be kept by OBS, see above) and sent to various national and state-level charities and nonprofits. 

TL;DR Version
  1. Donate money to humiliate Sean Sorrentino. 
  2. Deduct your donation from next year's taxes. 
  3. If enough money is raised, Sean dresses up for GRPC. 
  4. Either way, your donation go to further gun rights and education. 
It's a win for everyone (except maybe Sean). 

Monday, February 20, 2017

For Immediate Release: Florida Carry Partners with Operation Blazing Sword

I'm immensely pleased to be the Diversity Outreach Coordinator for Florida Carry. Everyone wins: Operation Blazing Sword increases the range and and strength of its message, and Florida Carry gains new members. The growth of both organizations can only help Second Amendment rights in Florida.

A PDF for printing purposes is here.
Florida Carry's similar yet slightly different press release is here.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Gun Blog Variety Podcast #131 - Loaded Conversations with Sanford Man

For once, Florida Man had the day off.
  • Beth is on assignment -- at Gunsite Academy! But she stops shooting long enough to send us a report.
  • Happily for Florida, the Sanford Man who shot someone to death is from Sanford, NC and not Sanford, FL. Sean tells us more about him.
  • Barron is on assignment and will return soon.
  • In the Main Topic, Sean and Erin discuss why Conservatives are from Mars and Liberals are from Venus. Or why their love languages are different. Or something like that.
  • Minorities with guns!!!eleventy!.. but Tiffany says to calm down. Actually, she says a lot of things, but mainly she says that this is a good thing.
  • Do you have to carry a gun out of state? Erin tells you what you need to know
  • Weer'd takes some audio clips from the first three "Loaded Live" podcasts to show you how much these anti-gunners hate you.
  • And our plugs of the week are for our state level gun rights organizations.
Thank you for downloading, listening, and subscribing. You are subscribed, right? We are available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and now on Google Play Music!
Listen to the podcast here.
Read the show notes here.
Thanks to LuckyGunner and Remington for their sponsorship, and a special thanks to Firearms Policy Coalition for their support.

Blue Collar Prepping Transcript:

Preparing to Carry Out of State
As I mentioned in the introduction, next month I am visiting Maryland, which doesn’t recognize my concealed carry permit. Because of that, I’m not going to be carrying a firearm during my visit, and it’s a testament to my commitment to the cause that I’m willing to break my rule of never visiting a state that doesn't respect my right to armed self-defense.

But this got me to thinking about all the rules needed to transport carry pistols between states, and because each state’s laws are slightly different, preppers with guns need to be ready for them.

The easiest, most convenient method I’ve found to keep on top of each state’s legal hurdles are through smartphone apps. Legal Heat, available from both iTunes and the Google Play store, is my favorite because it has a very clean, very quick interface that shows me at a glance what the gun laws are in each state -- be they concealed carry, open carry, restricted areas, if signs have legal weight, that kind of thing.

If you’re an Android user, I absolutely recommend it; but if you’re an Apple user, I can’t; what used to be a 99 cent app (and still is on Google Play) is now a yearly subscription for 2 dollars.

If you want a more robust app -- or if you have an iPhone but don’t want to pay a subscription -- I recommend “CCW Concealed Carry 50 State”. It too is $1.99, but it’s a one-time payment instead of a subcription, It has a lot more information, such as a map of which states recognize your permit, if a state has a Duty to Inform law, and a location button which uses your phone’s GPS to find shooting ranges, gun stores, and so forth.

Both apps have information on how to transport firearms across a restricted state in a vehicle, which can be reduced to 6 key points:
  1. You must be travelling FROM a place where you can lawfully possess the firearm TO a place where you can lawfully possess it. 
  2. It must be unloaded. 
  3. Ammunition must be stored separate container from the firearm -- in other words, don’t just drop the magazine and put it next to the firearm. You might be okay with keeping the ammunition in the box you bought it in, but I wouldn’t risk that; I would actually keep the ammunition in an entirely separate and secured container. More on that later. 
  4. Both the ammunition and the firearm cannot be readily accessible from the passenger compartment -- so if you can, keep them in the trunk. If not…
  5. … LOCK the firearm in a hard-sided case and place it as far from you as possible. Please note that the glove compartment or center console does not count as a hard-sided case in this regard. For pistols, I recommend the NV200 Nanovault, a lockable metal box that will hold a full-sized 1911 and only costs $35 on Amazon. For long guns, get a hard case and lock them with a padlock.
  6. Your transport through the state must be continuous and uninterrupted. In other words, “Don’t be a tourist”. It’s unclear to me if stopping to eat is all right, but I sure wouldn’t risk it.*
Post-podcast addendum from my friend Benjamin M. Blatt, Attorney at Law:
Okay, so a few things here.

First the law, the 1986 FOPA, is mostly relevant when used as an affirmative defense. In other words, in states like NJ, NY. or IL, you ARE likely to be arrested, regardless of compliance.

One way to avoid that is to have, in addition to compliant storage, a copy of the 922 sections enacted by the 1986 FOPA, your valid issued carry license/ permit, and where and when applicable, a copy of any registration paperwork.

In general, the federal case law has held that stops incidental to the trip ARE covered by FOPA. - Gas, picking up or dropping off passengers, stopping to eat (briefly - I'd advise against stopping for a 4-course meal just because you're near a 5-star restaurant on your journey), are all considered incidental and are generally protected, though the question may not be answered until you've already been charged.That said, stops NOT incidental ARE not covered. - Swinging by an old friend's house or visiting a girlfriend for a few days, or even getting off the interstate to check out a local brewery, are all outside the FOPA protection.

Now, on to the really sticky one - overnights - The issue of overnights has never firmly been decided upon to a sufficient extent at any higher court level. As such, it is usually a question determined by a state trial or appellate court interpreting federal law as applied to their state's own laws, or by a federal district judge, based on the nature of the criminal charges against you.

If you MUST stay overnight as part of a journey, be prepared to strongly demonstrate that the reason for the stay was to rest in order to be sufficiently alert to travel the next day. Included in that argument for better or worse, is probably going to be some explanation for why you could not power through to cross the border in a non-ban state, because FOPA aside, in many states, so long as the firearm remains secured mere possession by an out of state resident who is not sufficiently permitted is still going to be acceptable. It's states and areas like IL, NJ, NY, and D.C. where non-stop becomes the serious concern.

Staying with family or friends simply because they're in the area is probably not going to be a strong enough argument before a judge on such a contentiously determined issue.

And in any case, make your overnight stay as brief as possible - don't extend it to a morning tourist excursion. - sleep, shower, use the head, grab a light breakfast and vamoose.

Finally, I didn't really mention CA because it would be next to impossible to have a FOPA transit reason through that state, and it's also worth noting that many of the hard ban states, such as MA, NJ, and NY also have strict local municipality statutes to worry about as well as state and local ammunition type and magazine restrictions, the latter two of which are generally applied regardless of FOPA compliance. In other words, even if otherwise travelling under FOPA to the letter. Check the state and local laws on your trip map, and leave the standard capacity and extended magazines, and maybe even hollow point rounds, behind.
If you’re curious about transporting a firearm on an airline flight, I refer you to a post I wrote back in 2014 titled “Travelling With a Gun”, linked in the show notes. There are lots of good pictures in that post.

Also, remember that even if you can’t carry a concealed pistol you may be able to carry a knife. has a list of knife laws by state, and there’s even a knife law app you can get -- $1.99 for Android or Apple -- which breaks down knife laws by state and sometimes even by city.

Finally, remember that apps are not considered legal advice, so consult a lawyer if you have any doubts or encounters with the police.

Legal Heat:
CCW - Concealed Carry 50 State ($1.99):
Guide To The Interstate Transportation Of Firearms -

GunVault NV200 NanoVault -

Flying With a Gun

Knife Laws by State -

Knife Rights LegalBlade ($1.99):

Saturday, February 18, 2017

SHTFriday: Cheap Char Rope

I was so proud of myself for actually having the time and ability and material to make a Blue Collar Prepping post on Friday that I completely forgot to post a link to it until just now.

So go read and pretend it's still Friday.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Creamy White Supremacy

Justice has jumped the shark.

In the last few months, I've seen a green cartoon frog declared a hate symbol by the ADL and a conspiracy about a purple bird facebook sticker being touted as the next big symbol of hate.

This, though.. this takes the cake.
@Hatewatch, of course, is run by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has been struggling to keep itself relevant to anyone on the right of Stalin for the last decade or so, and they're linking to, who certainly has no political bias. None at all. Whatsoever.

Their research on this is a bait thread on 4chan, in which the denizens of /b/ set a trap that involves explaining how lactose tolerance is exclusive to the white race, which is backed up by alleged neo-Nazis drinking milk during Shia Lebouf's #HeWillNotDivideUs stream, which (ironically enough) was divided first by metal barriers and then by the Museum of the Moving Image after Shia was arrested for assaulting someone on the stream. Mic even tries to link it to the Nazi officer in Inglorious Bastards and the gang from A Clockwork Orange (conveniently ignoring that the ACO gang a) had Russian influence, b) were anarchists, and c) the milk was laced with drugs).

This just makes me so tired. I'm trying so hard to write something here that doesn't just devolved into incoherent screeching, but these are voices that so many people are listening to, and they're telling us that the greatest threats to humanity involve a cartoon frog, a Facebook sticker, and dairy products.

Being only 3/4 white, I am mostly lactose-intolerant (pizza has recently been introduced into my diet, with light cheese and minimal consequences). I guess, by this logic, I am not white, am not a Nazi, and therefore am safe from punching (for the time being).

I guess what I'm trying to say here is knock it off. Stop being ridiculous. If you're going to set yourself up as an expert on extremists, then try harder to realize when you're being trolled.

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